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Wrapping & Packing

Over the years Homey Trans. has developed a method of packing and a range of wrapping materials that provide the best possible protection during a move.

(1) Action of Packing Protect your stuff:In the course of transportation, loading and unloading, we pack it to avoid the crash, friction and corrosion in hostile environment.
(2) Materials of Packing Small carton: Books, CDs, papers, small heavy items.Medium carton: Ornaments, bedding, cushions, kitchen pots and pans, shoes, tools, overall utility carton.Laydown (flat) wardrobe: Clothes which can be folded, or all clothes for a limited space air shipment.Stand-up wardrobe: Hanging clothes.White newsprint paper: For cushioning and wrapping all breakables.Tissue paper: For wrapping of fine china or crystal and other valuable and delicate items.Wax or glycerine paper: For protecting surfaces of French polished table tops or similar fine furniture surfaces, and as a non-stick first-cover over paintings.Rolls of corrugated paper: For outer wrapping of all furniture and for single wrappings of garden tools and other large items.Hard cardboard sheets: For protecting high quality/fine surfaces such as dining table tops.Used over wax or glycerine paper.Paper blanket: For wrapping and protecting furniture.Bubble wrap: For wrapping fragile items such as radios, televisions sets, computers,etc.Carton: For mattresses and box springs.Waterproof plastic sheet: For lining inside walls and exterior roof of liftvans.Parts carton: For packing all disassembled hardware, screws, nuts, bolts, etc.and TV and stereo remote controls.Shoe bag/Handbag cover: For protecting shoes and handbags.Garment bag: For protecting shoes and handbags.Labels: For placing on the outside of the wrapping materials.
(3) Some Skills of Packing a. Books: choose small cartons for easy carrying b. Arts (ex: vase、curios): fill them first and then put them in the cartons, last fill the space with bubbles and tissue-paper. c. Frames, Mirror: Bind them after they are packed by the cloth or soft paper. d. Kitchenware,China,Glassware and ornaments: Pack them for many layers with the tissue-paper and then box them up. e. Special items: Piano, Sound box and other expensive things, need the wooden crate to protect. Label “ Fragile with care ” on the crate.

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