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What items should I not include in an international household goods shipment?

For a full list of prohibited items it is advisable to apply to the Customs authority for a ruling in the importing country or their overseas representative such as the embassy or consular office. Most countries prohibit or restrict importation of the following items:

• Firearms, ammunition and explosives
• Hazardous items such as fireworks, toxic or poisonous substances
• Swords, sabres, daggers, spears, switchblades, hatchets
• Items made from animals on the endangered species list (eg ivory)
• Foodstuffs, plants, herbs & spices
• Dried flowers, bulbs, seeds, pinecones, pot pourri
• Soil, sand, straw & hay
• Unprocessed furs, skins and hunting trophies
• Alcohol
• Medicines & narcotic drugs
• Pornographic materials

Please note that the importation of goods packed in solid wood packing materials, for example timber cases, is prohibited in the USA

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